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Picture it Just Launched!

by Rogerio Chaves
published: 16-09-2022

(this post cover image was generated using Picture it pictureit.art/p/bc8db122-a-rocket-launching-a-startup)

We are entering the great age of generated art and artistic work built with the help of AI, and Picture it was built to help push this goal forward, with the vision of becoming the easiest generative art editor, and a full-fledged shop of custom art, creating a community where creators and art admirers meet

Although this is the vision, right now we are still at a very humble start, Picture it has only few (but cool) features: a picture generator using state-of-the-art models, featuring a prompt enhancer suggestion tool for the best results; an embedded image editor for fine adjustments; a public page for your art for you to publish and share; and print-to-canvas feature for you to hang your art in your home or give as gift, delivering to 29 countries

We hope you can have fun with it already, it’s all very early, so we really really need your help to play with it, and perhaps give us some feedback so we can get better and better

Have fun!

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