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Introducing Guide the Drawing

26-09-2022 · by Rogerio Chaves

Update 1/oct: this tool was improved way further, you can expect much better results than what is shown below

It’s already very fun and easy to draw with AI using Picture it, but don’t you feel that you want to be part of drawing process sometimes, and just tell the AI where do you want it to draw that thing?


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Tech: Why I chose Elixir and Elm for Picture it

17-09-2022 · by Rogerio Chaves

Across the years I built many side projects, I learned a lot and could discover my favorite tech, but one thing in common with those projects is that they were small, and did not connect many of my tastes

So, the idea to build Picture it came to mind, as a product that would allow me to use a lot of ML, something I’ve …

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Picture it Just Launched!

16-09-2022 · by Rogerio Chaves

We are entering the great age of generated art and artistic work built with the help of AI, and Picture it was built to help push this goal forward, with the vision of becoming the easiest generative art editor, and a full-fledged shop of custom art, creating a community where creators and art admirers meet

Although th…

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